AI-Powered Learning, Personalized for You

From flashcards to interactive chats, Retinello is redefining the way students learn and evolve.

Smart Learning, Simplified.

Say goodbye to manual content creation. Integrating cutting-edge techniques for optimal retention. Retinello effortlessly bridges the gap between traditional learning and future-forward methodologies. Topic explorations, AI-generated flashcards, chat-based feedback, or document-driven insights. Dive deeper into subjects without the added hassle.
Interact with your documents.
Dive into Retinello's document interaction features. Below, we unravel the ways in which our platform allows you to engage, question, and converse with your documents. Experience the innovative blend of AI and intuitive design that brings your content to life.
Create, Learn & Grow.
Explore Retinello's dynamic content creation. Harness AI for flashcard generation, utilize systems like spaced repetition and active recall, and transform chat messages into new learning opportunities. Here, your educational content grows and adapts with you.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals worldwide with effective learning through the fusion of technology and education. At Retinello, we believe that by elevating the learning experience, we can ignite positive change and growth in every corner of the globe.

Your Mission

Engage with our Discord community and shape the future of Retinello. Your feedback, bug reports, and collaboration directly refine our platform. Together, we ensure Retinello remains a user-centric tool, sparking positive change worldwide.


Current pricing for Retinello. We offer a free membership with limited features, and a paid membership with all features without limits.



IncludesGenerate flashcardsSpaced repetition systemGenerate material from documentsShare learning material with friendsInteractive learning with AILimited credits


IncludesEverything in BasicUnlimited AI generationsUnlimited AI interactionsUpload documentsChat with documentsChat with multiple documents simultaneously



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